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in the present video I’m demonstrating how
to change your grass into something
like this that you could be glad for now
my grass is flawed however as you can
see here this was a similar space just
three years sooner an absolute debacle
dead grass weeds illness a wide range of
issues and I truly felt like I could
never really make an improvement
in any case, I at long last tracked down a progression of steps
that could assist me with changing the grass from
trash to gold so in this video I’m
demonstrating how I was treated I got
there and placed it in a manner that a
a novice can follow so you can get
similar outcomes in your own grass
presently this video will take you from
start to finish now the end implies a
incredible yard yet you in all actuality do need to arrive
also there will be a few stages
they’re everything simple I don’t let you know any
science there’s nothing around math and
you needn’t bother with that stuff to have a
incredible grass you simply need to follow some
viable guidance so this video is going to
be intended for somebody who’s perhaps a
fledgling or somebody who’s attempted to
revamp their grass and it’s recently fizzled
the fall is the best season to do
a yard redesign on the grounds that temperatures
are cooler

you won’t require as much water and it’s
simply a simpler opportunity to do it now you can
do it in different seasons yet I
have observed that doing it in the fall is
going to give you the best outcomes here
in Texas I for the most part will begin
the primary seven day stretch of September and you need
to pick that sort of season with
temps begin to drop a smidgen and
summer is basically slowing down so
where do you start that is the greatest
the question I get asked cuz you’re sitting
back checking out your grass for sure ought to
be grass and it simply resembles a dump
or on the other hand, perhaps it’s however terrible as mine seemed to be in that
the first picture yet regardless it
seems as though my proposal is that you
need to redesign the grass set up so
I’m telling you don’t kill off what
you have you simply need to work in an
set up it will be less expensive simpler
furthermore, you’ll have the option to get a decent outcome
very much as I did yet that carries us to
the beginning advance and that is you have
to kill every one of the weeds in your yard and
it’s a lot simpler to do than you may
think in the event that you utilize the right item now
my proposal for that is the weed
control item called relentlessness I’ve
made numerous recordings on that and I’m not
going to take you through that now in
In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see a
connection to a particular video that will show
you how to involve constancy exhaustively
there are alternate ways of doing it and I’ve
attempted numerous items however I’ve come all of the time
back to determination since it simply works
furthermore, it will kill the weeds yet not the
grass so presently once those weeds are no more
you’re prepared for your following stage
for most drained broken down yards you’re
going to need to add some seed so the first
the thing you really want to do is ponder how
are you going to put the seed down at this point
there is a great deal of work escalated
things I attempted a ton of them you can do
things like dethatching raking yet
that is a great deal of work so what I saw as in
the end was the easiest way was simply to
circulate air through my yard so that can be
achieved by leasing a pretty
a modest piece of gear that you
can use in your yard that is basically
going to poke holes in it and that does a
two or three things those openings permit water
also air to get down to the root framework
however, moreover those little openings act
like minimal wonderful organizers so that
at the point when you put down grass seed it’ll go in
the openings and it’ll be well
scattered so the explanation I like circulating air through
is on the grounds that it’s not difficult to do contrasted with a
part of other exceptionally concentrated things that
can simply consume a huge chunk of time to finish you
can circulate air through your yard for the most part in a day
also finish this progression completely
with your weed taken care of and your
air circulation has done you’re good to go to add some
new CT along now the uplifting news is when
you will see your region all you’ve
got to do is placed it in a transmission
spreader like this and you’re simply going to
roll around your yard and spread it out
the seeds going to go into those openings and
a few different regions currently you’re not going to
get wonderful germination and assuming you need
to go out you can rake that entire region
to get the seed shortly more however
I have done enormous regions with no
rounding up the majority of the seed that hits
those openings will sprout in those
openings carry on like little grass plugs and
they will fan out and assume control over your
yard positively so this is an extremely low
work method for getting great germination for
your seed yet the following inquiry is what
sort of seed to utilize I get asked that all
the time now my grass is really a
assortment of an entire pack of various
grasses on the grounds that throughout the long term individuals
utilize various items however going ahead
what I’ve stayed with is utilizing a seed
either from Lesko or from Jonathan green
presently in a space of my yard, that is going
to get either water system or that I plan
to the water I like to utilize less goes 50/50
a blend which is half Kentucky country and
the other half is an assortment of grasses
that they put in with the general mish-mash yet the
the most recent seed that I’ve had much better
results with that is accessible all over
is made by the organization
Jonathan green and it’s called Black
Excellence ultra and as every year I overseed
with it will gradually dominate and
truly give me a decent by and large strong
the result that I’m searching for so you would be able
do these various ways however my
the suggestion is to simply pick one kind
of seed and attempt to remain with it
the greatest error individuals make is that
they get one seed one year an alternate
brand the following year and they keep
exchanging and you wind up getting like a
interwoven unique blanket in your grass and the
entire grass turns into a wreck so assuming you pick
a seed get it from a major maker
what’s more, assuming you pick one of the ones I
suggest I think you’ll significantly improve
results yet attempt to stay with it
without fail so you can grass
can develop and flourish and have a comparative
presently as you put your seed down once
that is done you must return
over the area and you would like to apply a
starter compost and as of recently this
is the principal compound that you’re going to
put in your grass you’re simply going to
follow the bearings on the starter
manure put it in spread it out and
this will assist those seeds with starting
germination and recall starter
manures are explicitly planned
for new yards assuming that you utilize a normal
the compost you run the danger that you’ll
wear out the seed and you truly
try not to need to do that currently, we should continue on
to watering those new seedlings now the
an enormous most significant thing you really want to
contemplate is that new seed needs to
remain as wet as conceivable now the specialists
will let you know that your seed can
never dry out and as far as I can tell
that is simply false on the grounds that nobody would be able
keep their seed wet the entire day so for
individuals that are working or simply have
a few occupied lives and need to remodel
your yard
my proposal is to water your seed in
the morning before you go to work and
then, at that point, water it when you return home in the event that you
have someone at home that can water in
the center ones excessively that is extraordinary yet a
parcel of us simply don’t and your seeds not
for the most part, going to pass on and you may karma
out and have several stormy days in
the center so make an honest effort to water the
seed to keep it as wet as you can not
sopping wet yet you simply need to keep a
soggy so those two waterings daily are
typically going to adequately be enough and that is
how I have significantly improved
results the most obviously terrible thing you could do is
neglect to water for several days and
assuming you do that you will have some
issues so watering is a vital
subject and again in the fall your
watering will be somewhat simpler
on you so that is the reason you need to time it
then, at that point,
so presently you will continue to water the
grass and dealing with this is on the grounds that the
the greatest thing you need to do is stay off
the new yard in the event that you have children pets
vehicles anything moving around and
it will cause some harm I too
suggest that you don’t cut the grass
for the initial month it may resemble
it needs it however you need to leave it
alone now when the month is passed
or on the other hand, those grass seedlings hit around three
what’s more a half inches and up now you’re protected
to do your first mouth and this is the place where
all your diligent effort will pay off
since when you cut those grass
seedlings you’re truly going to perceive how
great it begins to look and it truly
provides you with a ton of consolation however you
need to do that initially cutting cautiously
since the ground actually might be delicate the
seedlings aren’t truly impressive and you
simply need to do the cutting and don’t
invest a lot of energy on the grass and I
additionally enthusiastically suggest that you sack the
clippings for the primary month or so of
cutting the explanation you do that will be that
those openings are still there from the
air circulation and you would truly prefer not to
obstruct everything with the grass
clippings once your yard is set up
assuming you decide to mulch that is okay
in any case, toward the starting, you’re in an ideal situation
attempting to pack and regarding the matter of
cutting when you go into this redesign
you truly need to be set for progress
and all I mean by that is assuming you have
an inferior cutter and you will do a
remodel it very well may be a happy opportunity to
think about another one however, you don’t need to
purchase another trimmer simply ensure that the
one you have is looking great and I
truly suggest getting a pristine
edge it simply makes it significantly simpler and
you will be certain that those
seedlings get cut with a super-sharp
cutting edge that will do the work
also once your grass begins to hit about
two months it’s truly going to be a completely
set up grass and that is the point at which you
need to begin normal cutting great
rehearses and that simply implies cut at
At least once per week two times every week is truly
best however when seven days is as yet going to
give great outcomes don’t shopping center when it
begins to hit 10 days 14 days that is
just excessively long.


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